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Defoaming agents GEOS show unique results on the regulation of air entrainment.

There is always an excessive air entrainment during mixing, in preparation of a building mortar. The main task for manufacturers of dry building mixes is to reduce excess air content and produce liquid systems with a microporous structure. Fine, evenly distributed pores give the filling systems such important properties as strength, flowability, frost resistance and excellent appearance. GEOS is a highly effective, universal, powder defoaming agents for dry building mixes, which can change the surface tension in water systems. It promotes rapid release of entrained air and even distribution of pores throughout the volume. Defoaming agents GEOS show unique results on the regulation of air entrainment which, along with a very attractive price, makes them the most advantageous solution in the market of defoaming agents.

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Year after year the demand for dry building mixes which comply with high international quality standards is growing.

«Development of advanced technology and qualitative products, which can compete successfully in international market of dry building mixes».

This very goal is set as a prior by manufacturers of dry building mixes. That's why it's so important to create product that is not only of high quality, but is also more available than its analogues.

«Kuban-Polymer» has solved the problem for manufacturers of dry building mixes.

 «Making admixtures, meeting all the modern requirements: quality, universality, price». 

Our Company combines in its products advanced technology and multifunctionality of modern admixtures for dry building mixtures and advantageous usage due to of lower price in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers.