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Plasticizers uses in concretes and solutions in order to achieve plasticizing and reducing effect.

Plasticizers are polymeric compounds used in concretes and solutions in order to achieve plasticizing and reducing effect. The use of plasticizers allows manufacturers of dry building mixes to improve such indicators as the workability of self-levelling floor, the preservation of consistency and flowability to increase strength and abrasiveness of solidified mixtures. Application of a plasticizer in concrete allows to increase the strength, achieve flowability and improve appearance (no craters and voids when pouring). From the economic point of view, application of Reomax and Reamin helps to reduce labor costs when laying concrete, reduce prime costs by reducing the content of cement in the recipe. Our company produces superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate (Reomax) and melamine (Reamin) polymers in powdered and liquid form.

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Year after year the demand for dry building mixes which comply with high international quality standards is growing.

«Development of advanced technology and qualitative products, which can compete successfully in international market of dry building mixes».

This very goal is set as a prior by manufacturers of dry building mixes. That's why it's so important to create product that is not only of high quality, but is also more available than its analogues.

«Kuban-Polymer» has solved the problem for manufacturers of dry building mixes.

 «Making admixtures, meeting all the modern requirements: quality, universality, price». 

Our Company combines in its products advanced technology and multifunctionality of modern admixtures for dry building mixtures and advantageous usage due to of lower price in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers.