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RE-POL brings quality of dry building mixes to a new level

RPP - powder obtained as a result of drying of emulsion polymers that can be iteratively dissolved in water. RE-POL is used to improve of main properties and give new ones to different building materias. Admixtures are well soluble in water. Mortars, plasters, glues and fillers are notable for good processability, higher adhesion, bending strength, improved abrasive hardness. Each product manufactured under the brand RE-POL has its own differences and attributes of using. Our specialists have done everything so that manufacturers of dry building mixes can easily choose certain type of RE-POL for solving certain problems.

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Year after year the demand for dry building mixes which comply with high international quality standards is growing.

«Development of advanced technology and qualitative products, which can compete successfully in international market of dry building mixes».

This very goal is set as a prior by manufacturers of dry building mixes. That's why it's so important to create product that is not only of high quality, but is also more available than its analogues.

«Kuban-Polymer» has solved the problem for manufacturers of dry building mixes.

 «Making admixtures, meeting all the modern requirements: quality, universality, price». 

Our Company combines in its products advanced technology and multifunctionality of modern admixtures for dry building mixtures and advantageous usage due to of lower price in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers.