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R-Sill main purpose is to give hydrophobic properties to the final product.

Environmental effects can destroy any building material. One of the admixes that prevent the negative consequences, is a hydrophobisator. R-SIL does not allow the wall saltpeter to emerge and increases the resistance to the influence of aggressive substances, but their main purpose is to give hydrophobic properties to the final product. R-SIL refers to non-film-forming hydrophobisators. Its principle of operation is based on the change of energy of the surface tension of voids in mineral materials, thereby preventing penetration of moisture into the material. Thus, the material acquires hydrophobicity without loss of vapor permeability. The company "Kuban-Polymer" has developed a line of R-SIL admixtures that would show how advantageous it can be to use hydrophobisator by manufacturing of dry building mixes.

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Year after year the demand for dry building mixes which comply with high international quality standards is growing.

«Development of advanced technology and qualitative products, which can compete successfully in international market of dry building mixes».

This very goal is set as a prior by manufacturers of dry building mixes. That's why it's so important to create product that is not only of high quality, but is also more available than its analogues.

«Kuban-Polymer» has solved the problem for manufacturers of dry building mixes.

 «Making admixtures, meeting all the modern requirements: quality, universality, price». 

Our Company combines in its products advanced technology and multifunctionality of modern admixtures for dry building mixtures and advantageous usage due to of lower price in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers.